For the past 25 years, McManus & Associates has delivered the highest quality estate planning services that the largest firms promise with the more intimate, personalized relationships that a boutique firm can provide.

Some of the most prominent families in finance, media, academia and medicine — both domestic and international — have relied on us to serve as their advisor in wealth and family mission planning.

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We provide a complete range of services, from representing recently emancipated children who have attained the age of majority to advising international families with financial interests around the globe.

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“After the initial meeting with John McManus, we loved working with Benjamin Carthew who was extremely well-versed in all nuances of estate planning, showed infinite patience in explaining all aspects of our plan.”

— Ed S.

“In revising my Will, I wanted to change and simplify how I arranged my bequests. John quickly grasped my intentions and communicated them to Ben who hammered them out in my new Will. Again, when I contacted Ben with questions about the changes made, his responses were extremely clear and helpful.”

— David T.

“We are more than pleased with Mr. McManus’s informative and patient service. Doing business with him has been a truly pleasurable experience.”

— Frances B.

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