Firm Philanthropy

McManus & Associates advises its clients to help them realize their visions for the betterment of our world, but we also passionately pursue our own—both as individuals and as a team. Members of the firm are encouraged to choose their favorite charities and volunteer their time during work hours. Our associates’ philanthropic work ranges from supporting their churches to volunteering for organizations including the Friends of Mindowaskin Park, the Westfield Dr. Martin Luther King organization, the Westfield Community Center, the New Jersey Festival Orchestra, The College Woman’s Club of Westfield and Summit Animal Rescue. The firm’s Founding Principal John O. McManus is actively involved in his community of Somerset Hills as the Chairman of the St. James Church Financial Advisory Committee overseeing 3,000 families within the parish; as Chairperson (Elect) of the Board of the Somerset County YMCA, whose facility is recognized as one of the largest and most successful in the nation and from which he has received multiple awards for his commitment to Philanthropy; as a member of the Advisory Board of the Sisters of Christian Charity; and through his support of The Pingry School Parents Association, as well as Johns Hopkins University, The University of Notre Dame, and Fordham University. McManus & Associates also devotes a significant number of hours to pro bono work every year.

Why do our team members dedicate their time and energy to charitable causes? A Department Head commented, “I read the newspaper and see how things could be better.” She says that faith and gratitude are her motivators, which translates into a drive to compassionately serve others.

It’s McManus & Associates’ desire to help each of you live your gratitude, too. We facilitate your philanthropic efforts by assisting with the identification and pursuit of deserving initiatives and grantees related to causes close to your heart. We also guide you in the creation and utilization of charitable vehicles, such as private foundations, and advise on the implementation of effective giving.