Client Testimonials

Our first centenarian clients celebrating over 70 years of marriage and 100 years of life experiences

“top-notch, very informed, and up-to-date on estate and tax laws” “lives up to ‘seek first to understand, then be understood’” • “attention to detail and sensitivity to my wishes and faith” • “patience and a great ability to explain legal docs in common terms” • “best guy out there” • “expertise, collaboration, service, value  5/5!” “thorough and detail-oriented” • “thorough, professional, and sensitive to my concerns” • “outstanding service” • “protected by a friend” • “high quality and trustworthy” • “good communication and access” • “you make estate planning fun” • “caring and competent” • “you feel like the only client McManus & Associates has” • “very thorough, efficient, and able to clearly explain legal jargon in layman’s terms for us” • “very professional and made us feel at ease” • “highest standards” • “strong, committed, and reliable” • “comprehensive and professional, as well as compassionate” • “absolutely first rate!” • “professional and timely” • “empathy – you understand our needs and worries” • “above and beyond” • “made something I thought was going to be a nightmare preparing – painless”

“We have worked with John McManus for many years on our trusts and estate planning. We have always been impressed with his in-depth knowledge, thoroughness and creative approach in addressing our personal needs. His very talented and responsive team are likewise a pleasure to work with. We are confident that we are in the utmost capable hands with his firm and can highly recommend them.
Douglas E.

“John and his team at McManus & Associates guided us through every aspect of the estate planning process with meticulous attention to detail and a genuine focus on values and family. They were very thoughtful and thorough in constructing a plan to meet our intentions for every contingency. I highly recommend them.
Michael D.

“Our family engaged McManus & Associates in 2016 to assist us in our estate planning. John McManus and his dedicated legal team could not have been more helpful and pleasant to deal with in walking us through the considerations in creating our plan. Beyond the customary issues in a will, Mr. McManus was very knowledgeable in regard to the more complex planning details in the trust and other proxy documents. We would highly recommend his thoughtful and caring firm to others.”
Gregory M.

“My husband and I have been associated with John McManus for more than 14 years. John and his firm have guided us through many difficult financial decisions with our estate planning and investing in our families future. McManus and Associates are top notch. John and his associates are extremely professional, easy to work with and a school of knowledge. Their guidance has been thoughtful, meticulous and well researched. They are #1 in their field. My husband and I could not say enough about the security and comfort you will have with McManus and associates and planning for your families future. They are a most trusted firm and we highly recommend using McManus and associates for your crucial life decisions.”
Christina C.

I have been a client of McManus and Associates for over 20 years. They have and will continue to handle all my estate planning and tax preparation needs. Over the years they have given me priceless advice and guidance.
McManus and Associates is very knowledgeable, ethical and they pay attention to the finest details. They are especially diligent and constantly keep up with the ever changing laws governing estate planning and taxation.
They have earned my deepest respect for integrity and professionalism and I give them my highest recommendation.
John M.

“I have been a client of McManus & Associates for over a decade. The firm has provided me with excellent and comprehensive estate planning and trust services. Throughout our relationship the assistance and advice they have given me and my family has truly been exceptional. I have referred McManus & Assoc. to friends and colleagues, all of who had great experiences with John and his team. What I like most about the firm is their depth of knowledge in all things tax related and their very personal approach to their clients. I highly recommend McManus & Associates for your estate planning services.”
James O.

“I have been associated with Mr. Mcmanus for more than 25 years. Over those years, his firm as well as he himself have guided me through many challenging financial situations and estate planning goals. Through all of it he and his associates have been nothing short of professional and on top of their game. Mr. McManus himself has been a tremendous asset to me with his outstanding knowledge and professionalism and most importantly [during] crucial life decisions.”
Carl C.

“After the initial meeting with John McManus, we loved working with Benjamin Carthew who was extremely well-versed in all nuances of estate planning, showed infinite patience in explaining all aspects of our plan.”
Ed S.

“What a great place to walk into. John was great using metaphors to translate the legal language, but not reducing it to useless pieces. I felt like I was important to creating the plan and could really speak to the fine points of the strategies used when I had completed all my documents. Thanks for a highly personal and professional experience!
Avvo Client Rating

“Ben was completely excellent, clear, willing to explain- first rate!
Art M.

“In revising my Will, I wanted to change and simplify how I arranged my bequests. John quickly grasped my intentions and communicated them to Ben who hammered them out in my new Will. Again, when I contacted Ben with questions about the changes made, his responses were extremely clear and helpful.
David T.

“I called the office at 6:30pm expecting an answering service. Instead I was connected to Thomas Bulger, who was very helpful and was able to provide my wife and me with the information that was required early next day. He checked our files, found the material and arranged for its delivery. He appeared to put everything else aside, and our request seemed to become his top priority. We appreciate his service to us, and we believe that it is representative of McManus & Associates.”
Herman S.

Excellent! Ben was not only highly knowledgeable, but he explained his answers to our questions in a most clear, and most understandable way. He was also highly respectful.
Norm S.

Dear John:

Your message yesterday made my day. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and generosity toward me. You and Elizabeth have made a difficult and painful task much easier.

You know, John, as you get older and are among younger people, you often feel invisible. Elizabeth made me feel the most important part of this process. It is so appreciated. My sincerest thanks to you both.

Carol P.

“John treats us as if we were his wealthiest clients and we are small potatoes.”
Brenda T.

“We are more than pleased with Mr. McManus’s informative and patient service. Doing business with him has been a truly pleasurable experience.
Frances B.

“Mr. Carthew was perfect for us: knowledgeable, excellent communicator, empathetic, and a great sense of humor!”
Howard H.

“We come from Denmark and there are really many things that are different here in the United States compared to our own country. But Elizabeth Fojtu and John McManus have done their very best to explain us everything. We have been treated very well. Thank you very much for that. Our expectations have been met to the full satisfaction.
Frank B.

Dear John,

As we finally come to an end of my challenging adventure serving as the administrator of my Aunt Mary’s estate, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to you and your staff, especially Elizabeth Fojtu, for your counsel, guidance, and legal expertise. As I recall our first of many conversations that instilled confidence and calmed the waves, l was in between patient appointments at a Michigan State clinic, and you with cell phone in one hand and umbrella in the other were standing on a rainy Manhattan street corner. l had presented you — at least in my view — with a complicated and entangled situation, and I remember your clear response: you estimated costs and said you would get the job done.

l hung up the phone with relief that finally someone with professional competence and responsibility was prepared to take the wheel. And indeed despite some unanticipated challenges and rough going, you did get the job done and for what it is worth you earned more than your fee — you have my gratitude and respect. An expression of gratitude would be woefully incomplete without acknowledging your colleague, Elizabeth Fojtu. What a steady hand in turbulent waters — diligent, organized, persistent, timely, responsive. She explained each step of the way, coordinated efforts with my accountant in Michigan, and demonstrated like you — albeit without ever meeting personally — a sensitivity to psychological and emotional factors that come into play when family dynamics and money interact.

My Aunt Mary’s standards were high and perhaps for better or worse such expectations have been a part of my experience. One is susceptible to frequent disappointment when the bar is set so high, but when expectations are exceeded — what a gift. The McManus firm certainly met any expectations l would have for legal expertise; what l did not really expect was the psychological sensitivity to family interactional dynamics and the wise counsel you provided this psychotherapist during a difficult time.

As I mentioned at some time in our association, my only regret in my dealings with your firm is that you do not have a branch office in Michigan. I would have wanted to entrust you with the planning of my estate.

With best regards,
Professor, Michigan State University