Domestic & International Income Tax Planning

If you believe that your audit risk is higher than average or want to take a more conservative approach with your income taxes, having McManus & Associates prepare your returns can give you comfort knowing that information frequently requested by the IRS is protected by the attorney-client privilege – a benefit not enjoyed when working with an accounting firm. Further, as a law firm, McManus & Associates is ready to respond to controversy including the threat of litigation, if necessary. We believe that when the IRS sees that a law firm has signed a return, a chilling effect is created, possibly causing the agency to think twice before pursuing an investigation of your tax matters. Further, submitting a tax return with a law firm signature communicates that you are serious about the preparation of your returns.

Maintaining your complex estate tax and income tax under the same roof also means both areas share the same master, and each practice area can take into consideration the priorities of the other practice area before any major decisions regarding your planning are made. This positive paradigm is absent when your taxes are handled by two separate firms.

McManus & Associates’ many years of experience in working with sizable estates – both at home and abroad – provides the capability to offer you the most effective tax advisory. The firm’s recognized experience in estate planning and estate administration creates a unique combination of tax expertise to deliver you an optimal result. This is one of the hallmark reasons that the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners, the oldest and largest invitation-only estate planning society, nominated McManus & Associates as Boutique Estate Planning Firm of the Year worldwide two of the last four years.