Complex Tax Planning and Estate Litigation

In addition to preparing high-quality estate planning documents, McManus & Associates ensures that all assets are properly re-titled — whether that is into a trust or divided between spouses — and makes certain that proper beneficiary designations are in place. We also assist with the transfer of assets, which includes real estate, securities, LLCs, and private equity interests. Additionally, we represent trustees and advise on meeting their fiduciary obligations (adequately diversified assets, appropriate distributions, appropriate trust investments, notification to beneficiaries, advice on tax reporting, etc). The firm serves as the trustee of various trusts, as well.

In terms of litigation, McManus & Associates represents executors of estates when challenged by beneficiaries. We have also been involved in matters where use of a power of attorney caused disharmony among family members, and we have challenged wills and lifetime transfers based on lack of capacity and undue influence. Moreover, the firm has handled will reformations to achieve the testator’s intent and the admission of improperly executed wills to probate.