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McManus & Associates provides a complete range of services, from representing recently emancipated children who have attained the age of majority to advising international families with financial interests around the globe.

Wealth Transfer

Estate planning is a proactive process that ensures the most efficient transfer of one’s assets to intended recipients, such as loved ones or charities. Beyond avoiding excessive taxes and safeguarding against attacks from third parties, a good estate plan will protect you in the event of incapacity. It will let you – not the courts … Read More

Complex Tax Planning and Estate Litigation

In addition to ensuring that high quality documents are prepared, we ensure that all assets are properly re-titled, whether that is into a trust, or divided between spouses, and we ensure that proper beneficiary designations are in place. We also assist with the transfer of assets, which includes real estate, transfers of securities, LLCs, private … Read More

International Tax and Estate Planning

In a burgeoning, competitive global environment, where mobility is a necessary attribute for key executives, many non-U.S. citizens find themselves living and working in the United States for a period of time during their professional careers.  Some elect to remain in the United States as permanent residents, green card holders, or citizens, while many return … Read More

Estate Administration

The Estate Administration Practice Group assists our clients with the multitude of legal and financial duties that need to be addressed upon the death of an individual. We walk with our clients through the process of probating a decedent’s last will and testament, obtaining financial information about the estate assets for the preparation of state … Read More

Family Sustainability and Philanthropy

McManus & Associates helps philanthropists give smart: that is, achieve outstanding results, consistent with their values, by helping them define and measure success for the problems and people they care most about. We help them identify and pursue the most important initiatives and grantees that will create the changes they want to see in the … Read More