Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution

For every sophisticated plan, tax documents must be prepared and the tax authorities must be notified. Due to this complex planning, these governing bodies may require discussion and present several challenges related to international and domestic estate, trust, and income tax matters, either before McManus & Associates commences representation or while we are representing a client. Sometimes these situations involve cleaning up oversights by clients or dealing with their failure to disclose before we were retained to represent them. Despite these challenges, we are able to represent our clients’ positions clearly – not just on paper, but also by interacting with the tax authorities’ experienced agents. This requires a steady hand and proper positioning of the “case to be made” with the tax authorities, or skilled negotiation and resolution called Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution.

McManus & Associates has an in-depth understanding of tax matters and can analyze the facts to best navigate around any potential assessed tax liability. Our team has extensive experience supporting clients through audits and guarding against the imposition of additional tax, and penalty and interest assessments. We can also help you avoid similar tax controversies in the future.