“Wills, Trusts, and Estates Prof Blog” Points Readers to McManus & Associates

Gerry W. Beyer

Gerry W. Beyer

A treasure chest of information on estate planning, “Wills, Trusts, and Estates Prof Blog” is a member of the Law Professor Blogs Network sponsored by Wolters Kluwer and written by Texas Tech School of Law Professor Gerry Beyer. Via the go-to outlet, Beyer recently highlighted McManus & Associates’ latest educational conference call, “Top 10 Signposts to Guide Planning for Estates under $10MM.” The discussion sheds light on estate planning strategies that should be considered now following recent changes in federal and state law.

In the post, Beyer shares with his readers the 10 questions that should be explored, which structure McManus & Associates’ free but very valuable guidance: money question mark

  1. Following the increased Federal exemption, why must equal emphasis now be given to capital gains tax planning?
  2. After planning is complete, what are the opportunities to achieve a step up in basis?
  3. Can heirs cover the gains tax due if gifted assets have greatly appreciated?
  4. What are the income tax benefits of planning testamentary trusts for the benefit of the surviving spouse as grantor trusts?
  5. Can you use Joint Exempt Step-up Trusts (JESTs) to ensure a full step up in basis for jointly owned property first?
  6. Will those under the federal exemption still owe estate tax to their state government?
  7. When gifting “gap-QTIP” interest income, how can unused exemption amounts be uniquely leveraged?
  8. Which non-tax factors should be considered when estate planning with trusts?
  9. How can someone fulfill the annual requirements for upkeep of their estate plan?
  10. Should digital assets be considered when estate planning?

“For answers to these pertinent questions,” as stated by Beyer, tap into the expertise of John O. McManus on our site here by listening to the conference call recording.